Angela Meyers on Being Part of the Solution

Angela Meyers on Being Part of the Solution

Angela Meyers experienced the digital divide in Detroit firsthand when she saw children and seniors in her own community struggling to access and use technology. That inspired her to join Connect 313. 

“The Wi-Fi connection in our area had the lowest speeds and the highest prices,” she says. “I wanted to be part of the solution.”

Today, Angela is helping to drive solutions as Connect 313’s Vice Chair of the Special Projects & Shared Resources Committee. In this role, she looks for creative ways to get involved with the community and finance digital inclusion initiatives.

“What interests me most about Connect 313 is the community involvement. It is a collective effort by the City of Detroit, local and national businesses, and the community,” she says. “The idea that we are all working together to reach one goal really grabbed my attention.”

By offering digital literacy programs, supplying devices, and increasing internet speeds for people across the city, Angela hopes to make the digital world accessible for everyone. 

“Our priority is the opening of our neighborhood tech hubs across the city and supplying the essential services Detroiters require for employment, healthcare, and education. Connect 313 is on the right track,” Angela says.

In addition to working at Connect 313, Angela is a Member Advocate with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She graduated from Henry Ford Community College in 2014 with an associate degree in general studies and is currently a senior at Wayne State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a marketing emphasis. 

Angela is also a deejay and owns Musical Dynasty Disc Jockey Services. Since 2016, her company has hosted Feeding Detroit’s Homeless, an event that provides Detroit shelters with hot meals and other necessities.

“By transforming Detroit into a digitally inclusive city, Connect 313 is closing the divide,” Angela says. “I want the people of Detroit to know that we are making a significant amount of effort on their behalf, we value their opinions, and we want them to be a part of the process and have their voices heard.”

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Naimah Wade Helps Cultivate ‘The Genius Within’

Naimah Wade Helps Cultivate ‘The Genius Within’

Naimah Wade enjoys helping people cultivate the genius within themselves, which is why she joined the Connect 313 team.

“What the most impactful people in my world did for me was reduce barriers or eliminate them all together,” Naimah says. “I am a part of this work to try to eliminate that vast hole between those that are engaging digitally and those who are not.”

Naimah is Connect 313’s Director of Research and Learning as well as the management lead for the Special Projects and Shared Resources Committee, which plans projects and initiatives such as neighborhood tech hubs, community ambassadors, and Connect 313 storytelling.

“Connect 313 is yet another example of innovative problem solving in the form of an organizational coalition that is making an incredible impact to move Detroiters from a position of being digitally divided to one of being digitally empowered,” she says.

Supporting digital empowerment is also Naimah’s focus at Wayne State University where she’s the Manager of Digital Inclusion. Naimah says many people don’t use technology because they fear the unknown – and that’s a barrier she’s working to break.

“It’s not that they don’t want to be involved, it’s that they’re afraid of not knowing,” she says. “Give yourself permission to make mistakes… jump in even though you’re nervous about not knowing. You may be wonderfully surprised.”

Wade is currently working on Connect 313’s inaugural research symposium, which will bring academic professionals in the digital research and teaching space to Detroit for the city’s annual Digital Inclusion Week in October.

Naimah is excited for the future of Detroit and its residents and, when asked what she loves most about the city, Naimah quotes Jeanette Pierce from the Detroit Experience Factory: “Detroit is big enough to matter in the world, but small enough that you matter in it.”

“This is what I love about Detroit,” she says. “You can reach out to practically anyone and begin to impart change in the way that you want to see your city evolve and I think that’s really powerful and magical, and I think it’s rare.”

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