Connect 313’s FREE Digital Literacy Playbook is Available Now

Digital literacy is key to bridging the digital divide. But, ensuring people have the basic skills they need to be comfortable and confident online can be difficult, especially in tech’s ever-changing environment. That’s where Connect 313’s Digital Literacy Playbook comes in. You can access free online resource now, by clicking here.

“Some people say they don’t want to use digital technology because there’s too much to learn, but that’s just fear,” says Shadora Ford, Connect 313’s Special Projects and Shared Resources chair. “I want people to get over that fear by teaching them and finding creative ways to do so.”

Connect 313’s new Digital Literacy Playbook is designed to helps people learn basic digital literacy skills and gain confidence. It includes a digital literacy curriculum and users guides to help people find a device, connect to the internet, and get started with video calling.

“It also includes tips for learners, educators, and organizations to help them utilize the playbook,” says, Qumisha Goss Connect 313’s Digital Literacy and Skilling Committee management lead who helped build the Digital Literacy Playbook.

In addition to the playbook, watch our Instagram page for Tech Tip Tuesday, our social media campaign that share simple tips and resources – including digital discounts and tech terminology. There’s also an information library to help people find, evaluate, and use information, as well as cyber security education to ensure people keep their passwords and accounts information secure.

Using the curriculum Connect 313 created, participants can take or teach online computer-focused courses. Examples include “Introduction to Computers,” a class that teaches people how to use a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Those a bit more familiar with technology can take the “Basic Computer Skills” course, which teaches users how to manages files, use a flash drive, and the Internet.

“It’s not that [people] don’t want to be involved, it’s that they’re afraid of not knowing,” says Naimah Wade, Connect 313’s Director of Research and Learning. “Give yourself permission to make mistakes… jump in even if you’re nervous about what you don’t know. You may be wonderfully surprised.”

For more information about the Digital Literacy Playbook, visit Connect 313’s website.